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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Create Amazing Presentations

Quickly add multiple pictures to a presentation even in the format of two or four pictures per slide. Since a picture is really worth 1000 words, add pictures, change their appearance and do so much more with these fundamental slide objects. By the end of this course, you will be able to create media and feature-rich PowerPoint presentations that are effective in communicating to your audience. Do you remember the difference it made—not only in helping you understand the content, but the way it made you feel about the presenter? This course will show you how to turn lackluster presentations into something that is visually stimulating and works to keep your audience engaged. Dive in for free with a 10-day trial of the O’Reilly learning platform—then explore all the other resources our members count on to build skills and solve problems every day.

What is the best way to learn PowerPoint?

  1. Learn the art of designing & creating the Presentations. This can be done through formal training of PowerPoint.
  2. See others make their presentations, and observe what they did right and wrong.
  3. Practice by actually creating and presenting your slides in meetings.

The instructional materials required for this course are included in enrollment and will be available online. Courses are also available individually via digital download and online for a one-time charge. Insert, add text to, and format SmartArt graphics to quickly add diagrams to your presentation which will assist you to tell your story.

Lesson 8: Customizing Presentation Navigation

In this free PowerPoint tutorial, learn how to use themes and background styles, add pictures and clip art, modify charts and lists, and do more to create standout presentations. In this lesson, we will explore how to enhance presentations by adding a variety of media. We will also learn how to create graphics and add action buttons to make a professional presentation. In this lesson, we will learn how to build onto and enhance presentations with a variety of tools in Microsoft PowerPoint.

A great PowerPoint presentation can be the difference between a sale won or lost, a successful or failed investment, and a new initiative launched or sidelined. Microsoft PowerPoint includes many tools and features to help in all these scenarios, yet so few people make full use of this amazing tool. Most Microsoft official courses will include post-lab access ranging from 30 to 180 calendar days after instructor led course delivery. A lab training key in class will be provided that can be leveraged to continue connecting to a remote lab environment for the individual course attendee. In this lesson, we will learn how to create a master slide and presentation and customize slide elements.

Starting Kanban

Reuse existing slides in your current presentation to save development time, as well as changing the order in which your slides play within a slideshow. Add smooth or exciting transitions between slides to increase the smoothness and continuity of your slideshow into an almost movie-like format. The different PowerPoint views allow you to work on different parts of your presentation such as slides, slide thumbnails, text and running your presentation as a slideshow. Use a professionally designed template to save time creating a presentation.

  • Dive in for free with a 10-day trial of the O’Reilly learning platform—then explore all the other resources our members count on to build skills and solve problems every day.
  • Finally, you’ll learn to group and edit the objects you create and add visual sophistication to your text with SmartArt Graphics.
  • Learn Microsoft PowerPoint with this comprehensive course from TeachUcomp, Inc.
  • For example, we’ll cover the ways that you can animate your presentations to make them more appealing to your audience.

During this media-rich learning experience, you will see each function performed just as if your instructor were there with you. Reinforce your learning with the text of our printable classroom instruction manual (213 pages), additional images and practice exercises. You will learn introductory through advanced concepts – from creating simple yet elegant presentations to adding animation and video and customization.


“Even though I have experimented with these programs in the past – I am learning something new in each module.” Fill out the information below to receive a download link for our latest course catalog. Learn about PowerPoint 2019 or PowerPoint 365—Delivered in easily searchable, highly informative lessons.

Is PowerPoint 2019 free?

No, you can't. Microsoft PowerPoint is a paid software and you can only download it if you own a standalone product key, a Microsoft Office license or you're paying for a Microsoft 365 subscription. It's not all bad news though. If you want to use PowerPoint, you can use its online version for free.

In this course, you will use PowerPoint 2019 to begin creating engaging, dynamic multimedia presentations. During this PowerPoint video training course, our expert instructor will show you how to create dynamic and stunning presentations. This PowerPoint tutorial covers the same material as our two-day classroom training and was designed to provide a solid foundation in PowerPoint. Lastly, this course will teach you about the various picture options and picture formatting options available in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019, as well as how to crop pictures in a presentation.

You’ll explore the Live Preview feature and learn how to save a file for future use. Themes contain predesigned color schemes, but you can also create your own themes that match your preferences. For example, we’ll cover the ways that you can animate your presentations to make them more appealing to your audience.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Lessons

We’ll then show you how to add these objects and customize them using themes and colors. Charts and tables display information to viewers, and we will show you how to set up these objects to accurately convey numbers and data to potentials customers. In this course, you will learn about the history of the Microsoft PowerPoint application, as well as the similarities between the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 and older versions of the software. Then, the course will teach you about useful presentation tips and guidelines when working with PowerPoint, as well as creating and saving a new presentation. Making duplicate changes to dozens of PowerPoint slides is boring and time-consuming.


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