Creative Cyber Sky (Pvt) Ltd.

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We manage all the technology so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

Our team of 400+ professional software engineers, developers, UX architects, and designers like to create software that is impactful. In sectors spanning education, telecommunications, healthcare, travel and beyond, we develop software that is used by millions of consumers.


Dynamic user interfaces wrapped up in beautiful templates are developed by our web development team. All we make is customized to your specification and specifically created. Our award-winning web apps have found the best offers, helped companies to optimize their Return on investment, and more for visitors.


For all mobile platforms, our team creates nimble and elegant applications. In order to understand your requirements and build applications that have an intuitive end-user experience, our engineers work closely with you. Our ongoing service guarantees that your app is always ready for your customers.


Data analysis is accelerated by our powerful data mining methods, including automated and semi-automated data scraping and analysis services. We specialize in creating customized data collection models, applying the most effective methods of analysis, and converting them into actionable insights.



Point of Sales (POS)



  • Education
  • Travel
  • Health Care
  • Financial Services
To modernize the ways in which learning is processed, we have collaborated with some of the leading education and financial institutions and nonprofits. Millions nationwide are making use of our online and edu-tech solutions.

With our dedicated team of software developers, and machine learning and data engineers, Creative Cyber Sky has helped start-ups become leading travel & hospitality search engines.

The backbone of the technological advancement in the healthcare industry has been our apps. Our experts have covered everything from teaching medical students to patient management in hospitals.
In order to help them meet rapid developments in the financial sector, our data and software engineering teams have teamed up with start-ups and enterprise organizations.

From Technique to Integration and Beyond…

When an idea is formulated, the next step is to find the right partner in technology to bring the idea to life. Our team of engineers, software architects, project managers and other technicians are equipped with sophisticated and up-to-date skill sets to meet the project’s unique needs. We are a full-scale software development company that recognizes the importance of lasting partnerships and can combine long-term strategic analysis with concentrated detail-oriented action.