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How to build a streaming platform like Netflix in 7 steps RST Software

Thus, we can become your most open and reliable partner there is. Our delivery services focus on amazing software quality combined with business analytics, sophisticated code, and user-oriented seamless custom web design. make a video streaming website In fact, subscription is the strategy most used in video streaming website monetization. For instance, Hulu charges $5.99, HBO Max takes $9.99, Prime Video has a threshold of $8.99, and Netflix has a fee of $8.99.

make a video streaming website

The first step to register domain would be, to search if your desired name is available or not. If the domain name is not already registered it is considered to be available for registration. Once the name is chosen, the next step is to pay for a registration fee. This whole process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Since you will be hosting video files, you will need lots of storage space. The larger your premium package the more file storage space you will get.

Pitfalls Of Video Streaming Websites

Our Template Library features websites of many niches, each kit catering to the needs of our user community. These include portfolio sites, digital agency sites, magazine sites, beauty salons, and so much more. The hosting plan will allow you to house all the files that make up your site. Your hosting server is where you will install WordPress and the add-ons mentioned in this tutorial. Other features to consider include download options, pause and playback, geo-restrictions, screenshot bans, sound settings, subtitles, and mobile responsiveness.

  • After thoroughly researching the market in the first step, you can now understand and identify what you exactly need to add to your website to make it stand out.
  • Coming back to the scenario of building a streaming service like Netflix is no more impractical.
  • In addition, certain OTT websites also include an option for the users to continue watching the video content they had left amid in the last session.
  • The place to inform your users of the benefits they will find, show them the capabilities, mesmerize them by the looks and promises of entertainment.
  • This article has covered detailed information on how to make a video streaming website.

Here, video with audio of one country cannot be accessed with the same audio in another country. To explain, Geo-blocking is a sales strategy that aims to enhance the user experience by blocking the video based on the user’s geographic location. Usually, many users seek to communicate with each other and share their opinions, interests, and thoughts on the content. This is especially useful for certain genres which a group of people prefer to watch. Naturally, identification and addition of these features will require continuous market research, competitor research, and target audience analysis.

Technology Stack for Video Streaming Website Development

The recommended way is to go with the first option and deploy MVP features first. This validates your ideas and lets you know how the target audiences respond to the website. Once the business has been thoroughly researched, planned, and strategized, the role of actual website development comes into action. To build a website, one needs to hire a complete development and designing team. The businesses in the OTT sector also need to get a license for the content they are streaming. However, the procedure to receive this license completely depends on who is the broadcaster of the content.

As per eSports, the demand for online video streaming has increased by 99% between April 2019 and April 2020. Using live streaming will help you stand out from the crowd. They show your audience that you are forward-thinking and open to implementing innovative and up-to-date solutions.

Fast online

Furthermore, after the process of registration, each person gets a newly created user account and has to carry out subscription payments according to the chosen plan. Before you start setting up your own video streaming platform, it is important to first consider a number of essential choices. Plainly put, a video streaming website is a place on the internet where videos are hosted and delivered. This is done from a server where the videos and website are stored, via a video player, then to a user who is connected to the internet. A little background information – while the use of on-demand video streaming has been growing very fast for years, live streaming has also gained momentum due to the pandemic. Just before the pandemic, global revenue for video streaming was predicted to increase with almost 15% (from 24.8 to 28.1 billion USD ).

make a video streaming website

Over the past years, the consumption of online media has increased substantially which resulted in the creation of new forms like video streaming. Due to this growth in popularity, video and music streaming retail services have become a highly competitive media and entertainment (M&E) industry segment. Most probably, the reason for such a shift is that the content consumption habits have changed. People who are the actors in an increasingly digital ecosystem want to have round-the-clock access to the Internet and consume information while on the go.

Video Encryption

The price of a subscription may vary depending on a type of content and quality. Programming languages are used to create video streaming website’s logic. Put simply, languages let developers build custom video players, ensure the transmission of the video files, and general features like registration and payments. A content management system is the heart of your video streaming service.

Naturally, excellent coding is required to do this efficiently. A tech stack is a collection of different technologies used to build websites and applications. This section of the article has specifically discussed the technology stack for developing a video streaming website.

Amazon Prime Video.

Moreover, you are not building your own platform where the intellectual property rights are fully owned by yourself. Read more about the comparison between Youtube, Vimeo or your own video platform here. The video streaming market is therefore developing rapidly. The right content and focus on the right niche will bring many business opportunities.


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