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MX CCTV CABLE 4+1 Full Copper


4.5 (2 reviews)
MX RT Cable is in general Four electrical wires shielded core carrying voltage, Data, video, and audio typically have negative impact on each other, leaking electromagnetic radiation. 
It essentially allows the electrical impulses to pass through both wires without any problems. 
Shielded core cable is used for long-distance video applications. 7/36 core relay 12 DC and video audio signals.

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Brand MX
Model Name RT-4 CCTV WIRE CABLE 4+1 Full Copper
Shade White
Color White
Type Stranded
Insulation Material CCTV CABLE 4+1 Full Copper RT-4
Conductor Material Copper
Suitable For Soldering of the cable with BNC or DC connectors

2 reviews for MX CCTV CABLE 4+1 Full Copper

  1. Imran Ahmed

    100% Copper Wire. I have purchased 2 Coils the delivery service is to fast.

  2. Syed Sohail Raza

    Wire Quality best but size of coil is less than 90 meters 2 or 3 meters less but overall great !.

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