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CCS-POS Cafe, its not to be overlooked

Cloud Restaurant POS Solution is designed to allow you to plan your order-based production while minimizing inventory wastage & pilfering. It’s time to upgrade your basic POS system to the smart CCS-POS — it also works offline!


A restaurant management system (RMS) is a type of point-of-sale (POS) software specifically designed for restaurants, bars, food trucks and others in the food service industry. Unlike a POS system, and RMS encompasses all back end needs, such as inventory to staff management.


Tableside order management

For CCS-POS, order-taking was never faster or easier. If you’re taking ordertableside or at the counter, our cloud-based ordering system has all the features you’ll ever need for better customer service. We realize that restaurant life is moving at a breakneck speed, so we’ve carefully crafted every CCS-POS feature to meet your everyday business needs. Our cloud-based POS is designed to increase the turn of your table but not your annoyance. Our much smarter program will help you boost sales and enhance quality while reducing costs, both of these factors would certainly increase your revenue bar.

Real-time reporting & analytics

You are a restaurateur, not a data scientist, so you obviously want a much-simplified way of understanding what is going on within your company. And, we know, spending hours poring through hundreds of spreadsheets to get real numbers might be just the last thing on your mind. So, let us crunch the number for you. You will get all the valuable information you need to learn from CCS-POS reporting and analytics software. And you shouldn’t be physically in your restaurant for this. If you’re at home on iPad or on the way with your mobile, you’ll get a good picture of any business process. Our cloud-based POS helps you to retain insight in the operations of an enterprise by visualizing data on the dashboard with charts and graphs. You will have a strong picture of revenue with detailed analysis, customer expectations, menu trend reports and deep insights into the day-to-day market activities.

Customer loyalty program

Since we know how important it is to keep customers happy and pleased, we have built CCS-POS in a way that can help you big in generating sales while keeping customers loyal and pleasing. Our customer service feature will place you at the center of winning clients. You can keep tabs on what your guests and customers enjoy eating and drinking, and how often they come to your restaurant will allow you to build great bond with them. If you’re offering a happy hour or other exclusive offers, customer data can be used to advertise your sales, promotions and deals. To keep customers returning to your restaurant, you can also set up a loyalty system to reward most loyal customers and deepen your commitment and them.
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