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Marital life Traditions in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known as a country taht has a lot of different matrimony traditions which have been deeply seated in way of life. These traditions have been passed on from era to technology and are incredibly meaningful.

Bengali weddings are extremely elaborate and last for days. They involve both the bride and groom as well as their own families and friends.

Engagement (Ashirvad): The most popular commemoration of Bangladeshi wedding is the Ashirvad or ‘engagement’ which takes place two to three days and nights before the wedding day. The Ashirvad is a very wonderful feast day in which the bridegroom and his family members visit the bride’s home with presents and shower blessings on her. These products include a selection of beautiful cultural clothes, beauty products and other accessories.

Gifts pertaining to the Groom: The groom’s aspect sends him some items in embellished plastic trays which contain stuff like sarees, dhan, durbo, sweets and also other stuff. The racks are made up of brilliantly colored papers and are also usually bandaged in structure paper.

Gaye Holud or turmeric ceremonies: Both the new bride and the groom contain a turmeric ceremony just before their marriage which is executed at a near by river or water physique. This wedding is a symbol of absolutely adore and camaraderie and is an integral part of the traditional Hindu wedding party.

Post Wedding Traditions: After the marriage ceremony, a number of rituals are performed that damaged spot the end of just one chapter and the beginning of another. Examples include the Saanth Paak, Subho Drishti and Mala Badal.

Departure through the Bride’s Parent’s Home: After the marriage, the woman leaves her parents’ residence and makes relationship with japanese woman marrying an bangladeshi woman her approach to the partner’s house. This kind of is named the Bidaai or ‘departure’ and signifies the bride’s reduction from her parent’s property for her fresh life with her fresh husband.


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