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My teacher told me once that “A journey of miles begins with small steps” Story of Creative Cyber Sky (Pvt.) Ltd. based on this famous saying. Creative Cyber Sky started its journey from one small room office managed by the undersigned along with Mr. Zeeshan (Chairman, Creative Cyber Sky) our motto was “Together we grow” and I always believe on to create opportunities for others and Allah (S.W.T) will create more opportunities for you. Now, Allhumd O Lillah Creative Cyber Sky (Pvt.) Ltd has earned its place in the market with over 50 satisfied customers around the globe. This journey was not easy, the real hard work of my partner Mr. Zeeshan along with other team members which makes it possible. Here, I would also like to thank our valuable clients who trusted in our services and allow us to excel as a company. From day one I believe in team working and by the Grace of Allah (S.W.T.) I got an extraordinary team comprising enthusiastic, energetic, creative, experienced, and dedicated workers who really worked hard to turned my dream into reality.

We are striving hard to promote smart technologies as our vision is “Not hardworking it’s time for smart working” we are aiming to create a smarter world. Our marketing team has close liaisons with corporate as well as other Government & Non-Government entities. Our creative department is always working on originating new concepts and designs. Our developers and technical staff have an excellent command of available tools. developing and providing fully customized products to our clients.


C.E.O, Creative Cyber Sky

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