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Chinese Jamaicans

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The events had been incited by a narrative that a Chinese shopkeeper in Ewarton caught a Jamaican off-obligation policeman in a romantic liaison along with his Jamaican “paramour”. The shopkeeper and several of his Chinese pals brutally thrashed the Jamaican man.

The white elites became insupportable of this new wave of Chinese migrants coming in massive numbers as shopkeepers. This first anti-Chinese thrust was rooted in the opium drug commerce. The foundation was set for the primary and an enormous anti-Chinese riot in 1918.

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Later, the Chinese Benevolent Association (中華會館) was founded in 1891. The CBA established a Chinese Sanatorium, a Chinese Public School, a Chinese Cemetery, and a Chinese Almshouse. The CBA helped preserve a robust connection between Chinese Jamaicans and China, whereas concurrently preparing Chinese Jamaican college students for the Jamaican college system. The CBA continues to function from a two-story building with guardian lion statues within the front; the ground floor is occupied by the Jamaican-Chinese Historical Museum.


The native department of the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) also began publishing their own paper, The Chung San News (中山報) in 1953. In comparability to Overseas Chinese communities elsewhere, hometown associations related to migrants’ places of origin in China weren’t very influential amongst migrants to Jamaica. Some secret societies such as the Hongmenhui have been energetic in organizing plantation staff within the Eighteen Eighties; nevertheless, the primary formal Chinese organization in Jamaica was a branch of the Freemasons.

It was then rumoured that the policeman was killed which led to violence breaking out towards the Chinese shopkeepers. According to a newspaper report (31 March 1934) on “pernicious drugs” in Jamaica, the difficulty regarding opium turned one of the early roots of xenophobic attitudes in opposition to the new Chinese immigrants of the early 1900s.

In 18th-century Jamaica, only Akan gods had been worshipped by Akan as well as by other enslaved Africans. The Akan god of creation, Nyankopong was given praise however not worshipped instantly. They poured libation to Asase Ya, the goddess of the earth. But nowadays they’re solely observed by the Maroons who preserved plenty of the tradition of 1700s Jamaica.

The community remains robust, and they continue to rejoice conventional Chinese holidays, such because the Harvest Moon and Chinese New Year. It continued publication till 1956, and was revived in 1975. The Chinese Freemasons additionally revealed their very own handwritten weekly newspaper, the Minzhi Zhoukan (民治周刊) until 1956. The Pagoda, started in 1940, was the first English-language newspaper for the Chinese community.

In his guide, Howard Johnson argued that, when in comparison with other anti-Chinese occasions, the 1918 occasion was an enormous expression of anti-Chinese sentiments in Jamaica. It began in Ewarton and spread shortly to different parts of St Catherine, and other parishes similar to St Mary, St Ann and Clarendon.

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The Chinese establishment of grocery shops throughout Jamaica had provoked concern amongst whites and Jamaicans as early as 1911. It was widely believed that the Chinese were responsible of arson against their own property for insurance coverage functions, whereas beforehand they were solely accused of sharp enterprise practices. In 1970, there have been still eleven,710 Chinese living in Jamaica.

The building has been featured on a Jamaican postage stamp. Kumfu (from the word Akom the name of the Akan spiritual system) was documented as Myal and initially only dominican cupid login found in books, while the term Kumfu is still utilized by Jamaican Maroons.

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