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Ad campaign administration is challenging, especially when handling many campaigns with distinct ad sets. Facebook Ads need continual monitoring and timely measurements since performance might deteriorate at any time.
If budget modifications or bids for low-performing advertisements aren’t made at the correct moment, you might wind up losing a lot of money.
But do we have no other options for making this seamless and easy?
No, it’s 2018. Advertising strategies have evolved significantly, as has advertising automation. You are not required to monitor your ad campaigns at all times.

This functionality allows you to set up automatic rules before the campaign begins. It monitors the effectiveness of your advertising activities. It automatically adjusts the budget to the best-performing ad after assessing the performance.
It not only prevents your money from being squandered on ineffective advertisements, but it also allows you to analyse your results and establish a proactive strategy to improve and increase productivity.
This complete tutorial to the Facebook Advertising Automation tool is for you if you want to alter your ads while spending less time on manual effort.

Is Facebook Ads Automation Necessary?

Before we get started, let’s go over the most critical aspects of Facebook Ads.

  • Budget Adjustment on a Continuous Basis
  • Bids
  • Ad Set Duplication

Without a doubt, the aforementioned points may make or break any campaign. Campaigns on any set require daily inspections and optimizations.
The majority of these processes, such as modifying budgets, updating bids, and duplicating ad sets, may be automated via Facebook Ads Automation. It implies you no longer have to do it manually.

It both saves time and money!
If you continue to do it manually, you will most likely lose money.

So, what exactly is an automated rule?
Facebook Ads Automation is in charge of reviewing your ad campaigns for different ad sets and taking prompt action on your behalf. If an ad isn’t working well, the automated function automatically transfers the money to a better-performing ad.
Create an ad campaign first before using the automatic rules. You may do so directly from the Facebook Ads Manager. After that, use Facebook’s Automated Rules to set up the automated rules.
If you wish to use extra features like as duplication and metrics comparison, you may use the automated reveal bot tool.

"Once you've established the rules, double-check them after a few days for satisfaction."

How Does Automation Fit Into Your Strategy?

I assume you understand the Facebook Automation Rules and their significance in managing various ad settings.
I’m moving on to using Facebook Automated Rules to optimise your advertising.

  • Creating Your Funnel

A funnel, as we all know, is the path that a certain campaign takes between the impression and the conversion.
The funnel for B2C enterprises will look like this:

  • Cost Per lead
  • Cost Per Website Purchase
  • Cost Per Website Checkout
  • Website Purchase ROAS

Find Your Maximum CPR (Cost Per Result)

The following step should be to determine the cost per result for each stage of the funnel. You must determine the maximum cost for each phase of the funnel.
This is extremely simple. For instance, if the cost per paying client is $30 and you know that 15% of individuals who install the app are paying customers, the maximum cost per app install is $3.
Calculate the cost per result for each phase in the funnel.

Grow Your Business With Automation:

Until recently, humans were the most intellectual species in the cosmos. However, computers are significantly more efficient than the human brain in terms of efficiency. As a result, go for automated rules that may surpass any marketing in terms of day-to-day operations.
Facebook Advertisements Automation will always trigger efficiently whether you are handling 1 or 1000 ads with various ad packages.
It has the ability to abruptly suspend low-performing advertising.
It is possible to double the budget for better-performing advertisements.

Manage Campaigns:

Set the same conditions for budget allocation, increasing or reducing bids, or duplicating advertising so that the rule may act for you.

Scale Campaigns:

This is how you configure Facebook Ads Automation rules.

Automated Creative Testing:

You may create numerous ad sets and test them against each other using any Facebook Ads Automation tool. Creative testing is an ancient strategy that still works well for determining the optimal outcome combination.

Ways to Use Automated Rules

Dealing With Low-Performance Ads:

One option to lessen the loss is to pause the ad that isn’t working effectively. However, this is not a professional method of sorting through these adverts.
Ads with low performance can sometimes perform well. You will not earn anything if you pause advertising too soon.
A typical pause scenario is shown below:

A similar logic will apply to ads with a high CPA and an expensive Add to Cart button. They are the primary signs of poor ad performance.

Consider another example:
Assume your ad was functioning well at first but began to deteriorate with time. The following automatic rule will be used in this case:
Pause the advertisement.

If the total amount spent surpasses $200, the number of items made exceeds zero, and the cost per purchase exceeds $50.


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